••◊ Mr. Right

Hello, I am Mr Right, not the Mr who always want to be right. I am your messager when it comes to information connection. I think and do most of the things from my right side of the brain. As the saying goes.. We think in pictures... and how do you convert your messages other from your left side of your brain?..using pictures, images to relate.

When did it get started?
Have you ever wondered in the primitive years, how do the caveman communicate with one another? They drew pictures on the wall of the cave. Till date, many of the communication are still through pictures.

Why use drawing pictures, images to relate?
Seeing beyond, drawing is really about connecting the thoughts or ideas to other people in pictorial format. Connecting is communication. We communicate every day. We communicate better with pictures, images.

Making your Messages stick
Let's do a simple and fun execise. Close your eyes and think of a pink open your eyes.. Do you see the pink elephant, as an image or do you see the word letterings, P I N K E L E P H A N T...
We think in pictures and it really stick in our mind.

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••◊ DRAW TO ...

Below are some of the ways how drawing can help you to
Increase your value of the message when you use it support your messages delivery.
Draw to Teach
You are a teacher and you are teaching your students. You narrate a story and illustrate the character, example an animal, to them on the board.
Draw to Speak/Train
You are a trainer or consultant: You present yourself or you are able to illustrate a simple illustration to bring your point across easily and effectively.
Draw to Sell
You are a salesperson. You illustrate a concept on paper to your prospect and triggered him /her that he/she signs the contract or the deal.
Draw to Study
You are a student and you are using study techniques to summarize or take notes. You need to sketch it, example mind map, on the paper.
Draw to Impress
You are who you are. You always wanted to learn the techniques to draw, to create, to problem solve using illustrations. You want to exercise your creativity through draw. You just want another way of communicating to impress others, draw.
Draw to Animate
You are preschool educators. You want to include a drawing program for the children relating to drawing people, animals and objects to add value into your curriculum.
Draw to Visualise
Many a times, to achieve our goals, we are ask to visualize our goals and write them down. Try this in addition to that. Draw your visualization images out. It will really stick in your mind.
Draw to Relax.
You are age 3 to 99 who just want to enjoy the joy of drawing, expressing and relaxing yourself.

How to Draw 29 Cartoon Animals in 29 minutes !
I wish I could draw instantly.  I just don't know where to start.
I wish I could have started to learn how to draw when I was young.
It is too late for me to learn. I wish to use drawing to bond with my children.
Now You can learn how to do it easily !
I wish I could learn drawing to communicate visually with others.
As an adult, I wish I could draw during my presentation in visual concepts, to impress and influence my ideas to my client.
I wish to enjoy the therapeutic effect in drawing, being fully engaged in expressing myself creatively.
Use this simple proven step by step system !!
I wish I know the know-how, a wonderful way to release stress too.
I can also start drawing like a pro…now !!!
The mysterious thing is that once you begin to train yourself using this formula your own creative talent comes to life and you find your skills grow exponentially. It begins with something simple and becomes an exciting journey of your own discovery.

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